Quranic Healing

Chapter One (Research Frame work)

Research Plan

1) Introduction. 2) Significance of the Research. 3) Objectives of the Research. 4) Problems of the Research. 5) Research Methodology. 6) Research Questions.

Chapter Two (The Spirit and The Soul)

Ancient Egyptians and the Greek Philosophers

Man’s idea regarding the spirit or the soul is vague and unclear. The pharaohs were the first to deal with these issues, yet their concepts in this respect is of no help. They were the first people to believe in the immortality of the soul, with the human body acting as its container. Thus, the… Read more »

Chapter Three (Religious Spiritual Cure)

Religious Spiritual Cure: Creative Clinical Psychological Methods

Psychological security is the feeling of peace and tranquility which surrounds you all the time in all aspects of your life. The pressing question in this respect is: Why do modern societies, despite the great technological advance, fail to create a safe and secure society? This is mainly due to the mistaken western theory that… Read more »

Chapter Four (The Quranic Incantation)

Quranic Incantation (Ruqya) is Psychiatry

All legitimate texts in Allah’s Book and prophetic tradition denote the fact that the Quran is a guide and cure to all human beings. Allah says in the Quran: ”We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and mercy to those who believe” .Allah also says:” If a suggestion… Read more »

Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments)

Jinn Affliction of Man

Linguistically, Ibn Manthour states that affliction is used to refer to madness caused by the jinn’s affliction; one is said to be afflicted with madness. Traditionally, it means that man is being hurt by the jinn, either by harming the body from the outside or the inside or both. This would lead to strange actions… Read more »

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