Allah, the Almighty, created man and knows the things of which he tells himself, and all what is hidden and known. Allah chose man as His heir on earth to bear The Trust where He says: ”We did offer The Trust to the Heavens and the Earth and the Mountains; but they refused to undertake it, being afraid thereof: but man undertook it; – he was indeed unjust and foolish”.
Allah dignified man and honored him over the other creatures, and guided him with His Words to what is best in this world and in after life. He sent His messengers and prophets with the divine books that include all what man needs for his guidance and cure. Throughout this research, we reviewed and analyzed one of the modern sciences and discussed how far its spiritual and psychological issues accords with what Allah mentions in the Quran. It has been demonstrated that the Quran includes glorious verses that help reform the human soul, and which provide a spiritual, behavioral, and psychological treatment. The Quran teaches man how to fulfill his own self, and how to feel psychologically secure and physically safe. In addition, it guides him as to how can happiness and joy be achieved. Thus, the Glorious Quran offers a complete methodology for treatment and cures that moves people from darkness to light, guiding them to the right path. This Book is also a protection against devilish and psychological ailments. Hence, Allah is Truthful and His honest messenger has delivered his message; to all that and to the Oneness of Allah do we testify.