Chapter One (Research Frame work )

Problems of the Research

• Spiritual medicine includes all what is related to the things affecting the mind and body, resulting in a positive bodily change, using legitimate religious incantation (Ruqya). This led to the cure of a number of ailments, especially the chronic ones with psychiatric causes. However, many other methods still remain unrecognized in the scientific field, mainly due to the inability to measure or explain the spiritual phenomenon, thus the difficulty of making generalization based on accepted scientific grounds.
• The reason behind the negligence in introducing international and local studies and the reports of the World Health Organization about the weak points noticed in the practicing of spiritual medicine in the Arab world in specific and worldwide in general.
• Many people resort to jugglers and swindlers to solve their psychological problems due to their ignorance of the proper rules of legitimate incantation, built on scientific and objective bases.
• Lack of accurate diagnosis that includes the study of the patient’s personality and the spiritual and psychological disorders accompanying his disease. This should be followed by a comprehensive treatment that includes (the spiritual Quranic treatment along with the scientific psychiatric treatment) under the supervision of well-trained psychiatrists trained on practicing legitimate incantation.
• Despite the huge advance in technology in all means of life, modern societies fail to provide safe societies for people. This is the result of the incorrect western theory that studies human psychology away from God and religion, leading to the loss of virtues and the deterioration of values. This is clear in comparing between modern psychology and Islamic spiritual psychology.
• Tackling the widely spread misconception that the Quran only heals Muslims while researches proves other wise.