Chapter Four (The Quranic Incantation )

Regulations of Clinically Examining the Case before Diagnosis

1- Discussing the issues related to the diagnosing of spiritual ailments is not a metaphysical matter. These ailments have their own symptoms and effects that indicate them. One example is what Om Salamah, May Allah be pleased with her, narrated that the prophet (PGBUH) saw in her house a girl whose face had a black spot. He said ” She is under the effect of an evil eye, so treat her with a Ruqyah”. Asmaa, May Allah be pleased with her, told the prophet regarding the children of Gaafar, May Allah be pleased with them all, ” The evil eye goes quickly to them”. This clearly indicates that there are certain symptoms that indicate evil eye affliction which many scholars discussed as will be mentioned later on.
2- There is a direct relation between spiritual ailments (epilepsy, magic, evil eye) and the other physiological and psychological ailments of the human psyche. These ailments may have common symptoms because evil spirits afflict man. Thus the therapist need not to be hasty in his judgment on the case but rather scientifically and objectively study it from all its aspects to be able to prescribe the proper and suitable medicine.
3- The legitimate interest necessitates that the therapist makes sure the patient is not physiologically ill. He should thus advise him to under go the medical examinations needed to indicate that he is free from any physiological ailments (this is extremely important).
4- The therapist should be extremely careful in detecting early symptoms of spiritual ailments in some of the cases that already suffer from a certain physiological problem. These ailments could be the result of mere physiological causes, or due to being afflicted with a spiritual ailment. Thus, the therapist main concern should only be with the legitimate incantation without getting into medical issues as these matters are quite unknown to him. We can not say that every pathological case of cancer is the result of envy or being afflicted with an evil eye. The therapist should also advise the patient and his relatives to make use of the physical means by checking with hospitals and specialized physicians. Signs of spiritual ailment could appear during incantation where the patient starts to feel better whereas the medical treatment failed to relieve his physical and psychological sufferings. By offering the follow up of medical advice, the therapist fulfills his legitimate duty and also combines between two ways of treatment, the legitimate and the sensuous. All would be for the patient’s welfare, Allah’s Willing.
5- It is worth mentioning here that hasty judgments of the case should not be carried out by the patient’s acquaintances or relatives without first consulting specialized people. As previously mentioned, the cause of the ailment could be either physiological or as a result of being afflicted with evil spirits. Thus lays the importance of taking one’s time in diagnosing the case, and the need to consult specialized people and listen to their advice.
Details of the sick cases and the diagnosis will be discussed in detail in the chapter on spiritual ailments.