Chapter Four (The Quranic Incantation )

Regulations of Legitimate Incantation

A group of scholars have set certain conditions for correct and legitimate incantation due to the fact that many fakes have distorted its image. These regulations include the following:
1- It should be from the Quran or the prophetic sayings or the religious supplications that call for the Oneness of Allah, the only One responsible for bringing the good things and driving away the evil ones and He is solely responsible for man’s cur. Allah says:” And if I am ill, He will cure me”.
2- It should not include any strange utterances or symbols and the like.
3- It should be in Arabic and not in any other language for fear of discrepancies or any unknown concepts.
4- One should not believe in the incantation as being directly responsible for the cure, for it is just a means and Allah is the only Healer who made incantation a reason for the cure.
5- The one saying the incantation should be a believer in Allah as the All-Powerful and the All-Willing.
6- The one saying the incantation should not be a disbeliever neither a deceptive nor a delusive person who subdues devils and jinn. He would then ask the person who needs incantation to bring him something of his clothes, nails, hair, or even ask him for information about his family. These practices are those of charlatans, quacks, and devil worshippers.
If any of the above mentioned conditions is missing, then incantation becomes a kind of charlatanism and quackery, and can even turn into polytheism.