Chapter Four (The Quranic Incantation )

The Legitimacy of Blowing into One’s Hands during Incantation

This means blowing into one’s hand with a wet mouth, which is less than spitting. It is acceptable during incantation for there is a benefit in the direct wet air of the breath which includes blessed verses and supplications. The words of incantation that come out from the heart and mouth have a great and powerful effect. The combination of the Quran, the blow of air, and the saliva is similar to the composition of medicine. The breath of the person saying the incantation opposes those of the evil people, and it makes use of the blowing of air to remove the evil traces. The stronger the breath used, the better the effect of the incantation. Using his breath in incantation assimilates the evil breath used by the wicked people. Magicians often blow an evil breath into the notes because they are aided by devils and jinn. In contrast, the person using Quranic incantation uses Allah’s words to reverse their evil doings through the blessed Quran and the modest supplication.