Chapter Three (Religious Spiritual Cure )

Methods of Self-Satisfaction

Self-satisfaction is the feeling of satisfaction regarding one’s abilities, image, and look granted by Allah. To achieve this feeling of gratitude and peacefulness, a person needs to concentrate his thoughts and imagination on reviewing and contemplating upon Allah’s blessings on him which include good health, welfare, and children. It also includes his ability to enjoy life, and to thank Allah for His most precious and priceless gifts. One also needs to review his success in life no matter small or limited it is while constantly repeating the phrase ”Thank Allah” with deep contemplation and void of desires and worldly pleasures.
This simple method, even when used by on its own, succeeded in relieving stress and anxiety, making dozens of worried and anxious people feel safe and self-assured. A number of patients suffering from insomnia and scary nightmares were able to experience deep and peaceful sleep when practicing this method immediately before going to bed. Feeling of satisfaction is complete when accompanied with supplications to Allah, the Almighty.
There was once a young man who failed several times in his marriage because he thought that he looks ugly which made him feel inferior, confused, and ashamed. The review of his personal history indicated that he was accepted by more than one girl but was rejected by one for financial reasons. The psychological specialist asked him to write down his positive experiences and keep them alive in his mind. Then he would concentrate on them whenever he felt bad about himself, or experienced a situation that would make him feel that. He was also trained in his seclusion sessions to concentrate on this idea. After several months, he managed to get rid of his negative emotions and their effects. To practically benefit from this method, one needs to practice the following steps during the curing seclusion session:
• To think of the human being and review the gifts that Allah granted him while examining his own accomplishment, however small, and repeat the phrase ”Thank Allah”.