Chapter Three (Religious Spiritual Cure )

The Quran’s Self Clinical Psychological Treatment

Allah says ”We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss”.
A number of psychologists conducted a series of scientific studies to benefit from the Quran in treating various psychological ailments such as anxiety, fear, obsession, ect…The results in 80% of the cases surpassed other psychological treatments which were based on methods introduced by strange schools and theories of different psychologists. These studies stressed the strength of the religious side in the one who abides by the Quran where many people resort to it in moments of stress and psychological pain.
As a psychologist who practiced most kinds of psychological and spiritual treatment, I can confirm the fact that the believer adopts the method used by the schools of knowledgeable treatment of ”Laron Beck” and mental treatment of ”Albert Alis”. This method of treatment addresses man’s conscious mind and changes his thinking through logical discussions and refuting wrong, illogical ideas. This is done without getting into sexual complexes and the subconscious aspect. This treatment method exactly accords with the Quran’s which aims at treating the self and reforming its deviation.
In many cases, some Moslem patients refuse to continue their treatment using psychoanalysis and similar methods, for such means puts them in conflict with their own self and society. These methods also directly and indirectly drive the patient towards fulfilling his desires and instincts without setting a suitable way that accords with the values and concepts of the society. In addition, they neglect dealing with the patients’ current problems and thoughts. All that opens endless doors that can not be eventually closed.
I strongly assert the wrongness of the claim made by some that psychiatry and psychology are not related to religion. This is especially noticed in psychological treatment where the main issue is to modify beliefs and concepts strongly related to morals, customs and religion.
Over the ages, psychological treatment has relied on religion which was used to help man face his moments of despair and pain. Misusing the bright sides in one’s life does not necessarily mean ignoring or rejecting them.
The western civilization has neglected the religious and spiritual aspects, especially the Quranic ones because of their lack of conviction of this right divine methodology. That behavior has put it in a tight position now as it discovers every day the effects of faith and belief on psychological and mental activities as well as changing the biology of the nervous system and the whole bodily systems. For instance, it has been discovered beyond any shadow of doubt the ability of the immunity system to overcome the various diseases, even the malignant ones, if one succeeds in properly using the immense power of faith inside him.
The American psychologist, William James, realized the importance of faith to man in order to achieve psychological balance and overcome anxiety. The more famous psychologist, Carl Jung, also stated: ”I hardly found any of my patients, who were in the second half of their life, whose main problem was other than his lack of a religious perspective in life”.
A number of studies published in the West, and also here, assert that physicians and psychological therapists neglect religion, its principles of tolerance and righteousness, and its role in one’s psychological health. J. Lannert (1991), in his famous study published in the magazine of human psychology, emphasis that a large number of physicians and psychological therapists do not receive proper education or training regarding religion and its effect on psychological health and therapy. The American Psychiatry Society formed a task force team to study the effect of religious and spiritual aspects on psychological health. They have assigned for it Code V in the directory of psychiatric diseases DSM-IV. This should motivate us to study and improve religious psychological treatment, especially with the present weakness and failure in treating many cases of psychological ailments and addiction worldwide, as indicated by The World Health Organization (WHO).
Methods of self psychological treatment are based on glorious verses from the Quran as well as behavioral and practical applications from the life of the prophet (Peace and Grace be Upon Him). These methods can be of benefit to the specialist and the non-specialist, and can be used alone or with prescribed medication, under the supervision of a specialized physician. They can also be used alongside with other means of psychological treatment to clinically treat certain personality and behavioral conduct.
It has been proven that the most beneficial and effective psychological treatments are the ones related to religion, culture, and environment. During the practice of clinical psychology, a group of scientists noticed that some patients were able to cure themselves through deep and submissive reading of the Quran and its meanings. They often succeed in lowering their fear and overcoming their anxieties and worries that dominated their minds. Thus, it is of great help to medical treatment and other means of cure.
This has encouraged the use of the Quran in treatment, whether for worshipping or incantation, using creative scientific means. This is based on what some verses call for, along a self clinical practical method, using trial and scientific analogy for Quranic treatment. Such method can be practiced by the patient himself after being explained and trained by the treating physician, or when the person uses it by himself.
Using religion in psychological treatment existed a long time ago in the West. The priest was the one to whom the patient told his pains and worries in order to purify himself from guilt feelings and relieve his psychological struggle. Unfortunately, today people do not go to the man of religion or chaplain unless they are about to die. This makes us responsible for creating and developing methods of psychological treatment derived from our glorious religion which is enriched with guidelines on how to deal with human psychology. In addition, it provides means of rectifying weaknesses and ailments through increasing one’s faith which, in turn, prevents evil misfortune.
Psychological ailment is a two-face coin; one is a morally psychological, while the other is a bodily biological one. Thus, treatment needs to be a comprehensive one which cures psychological pain through discussion, and also reform thought and behavior. In addition, the dysfunction of body should be cured with medication. This indicates the importance of combining between medicated and spiritual treatments in a thorough, homogenous, and complementarily cures.
Glaser, a pioneer in reality therapy, states that psychological health is more related to one’s moralities and values than to his basic instincts. It is the right behavior which allows one to fulfill his needs and desires within the framework of reality while taking into consideration the rights of society and other people. Glaser asserts that there should be a strong and close relationship between patient and physician which is quite similar to what the Quran called for thousands of years ago. Allah says ”We send down (stage by stage) in the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe: to the unjust it causes nothing but loss after loss”.