Chapter Three (Religious Spiritual Cure )

The Prophet’s Methodology in Rectifying Behavior during Anger

Anger and strong motions are major factors which cause mental and psychological disturbances, in addition to the waste of people’s energies. They are also one of the important reasons for the lack of social and psychological flexibility and accordance. Undoubtedly, the saying that ”He who is always angry never reaches a high status” is indeed a true one. For anger only leads to hatred and envy which destroys the mind and body, and causes endless kinds of diseases. Most psychologists agree that anger is necessary to protect oneself from the aggression of the outside world. But if one is easily aroused for the slightest reason, and his emotions become more severe over long periods of time, then he is liable to suffer from certain ailments. These include: constant worry and anxiety, lack of concentration, fatigue, depression, and loses interest in enjoying life.

Anger is like compressed hot steam that needs to be released or else it will cause many diseases to the individual. These kinds of diseases are called ”psychophysical”, which include ulcers, high blood pressure, angina, severe headaches, and obesity. Some people describe this situation by saying that if anger is not out, then it rests in your guts. The prophet (PGBUH) had an effective and successful methodology in case of anger that discards bad thoughts which arouse emotions. One is repeating the Quranic verses:” But forgive them, and overlook (their mistakes): for God loveth those who are kind”; and ”But indeed if any show patience and forgive, that would truly be an exercise of courageous will and resolution in the conduct of affairs”.

Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) also used to say: ”The strong one is he who controls himself during anger”. It is narrated that the prophet was walking one day with Anas when a man approached him and strongly pulled him from his garment which was a rough one. I looked at the neck of Allah’s messenger which was hurt by the man’s pulling. The man said ” O Mohamed, give me from Allah’s money that you have”. The prophet turned to him and laughed then ordered money to be given to him and prevented people from touching him.
Also when the tribe of Quraish strongly hurt Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) he said” Oh Allah, forgive my people for they are ignorant” and he forgave them all. These incidents reveal the highest degrees of saneness and psychological strength which completely subdued anger to mind and wisdom. To train yourself on such methodology, you have to practice seclusion therapy at the end of every day. Relax on a comfortable chair and order your mind to get rid of the negative thoughts while remembering the prophet’s methodology previously mentioned. Think of his approach and the anger causing situations which you faced and how successful you were when imitated him in dealing with these incidents. You should follow this method for a month while recording it in your notebook. At the end you will sense a psychological strength and an increase in your ability to control anger.