Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Causes of Affliction

– Magic – Evil Eye – Passionate Love.
– Exaggerated feelings and emotions like extreme fear, anger, grief, unawareness or engagement in pleasures.
– Doing injustice to the jinn either intentionally or unintentionally as those who use charms to burn them for an unjust cause or trivial reason.
– Entering a deserted place where there are no human beings without supplication or mentioning Allah.
– Falling from a high place without mentioning Allah’s name which hurt the jinn. Urinating in a pit which often annoys the jinn.
– Throwing a stone in a dark place.

Thus we find that our prophet (PGBUH) has guided us in every movement we make while standing, sitting, leaving or entering our homes or deserted place. He told us the necessary prayers and supplications needed to protect ourselves in the different situations: while eating, drinking, and getting married. This will guard us against the jinn’s harm and the devil’s affliction. The prophet told us what to say and do in every aspect of our lives.