Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Legitimate Means of Identifying and Stopping the Effect of Magic

1) Invoking Allah, the Almighty to relieve one’s plight and distress: Asking Allah and praying to Him is one of the most effective and successful means that the magic afflicted person should adopt. This was the prophet (PGBUH) did as narrated by Aisha (May Allah be Pleased with Her) where she said ” He asked and asked and asked” (Sahih Muslim).Allah says in His Book : ”Or, who listens to the (soul) distressed when it calls on Him”.
Al-Hafiz bin Hajar said in Al-Fath said that it was the Prophet’s habit to repeat his invocation three times as mentioned in the narration of Ibn Numair in Sahih Muslim, where he said” He asked and asked and asked”. In the relation of Wahib in Ahmed and Saad he said” I saw him invoke Allah”. Al-Nawawi stated that it is preferable to supplicate to Allah when an evil thing befalls man and to repeat the supplication to Allah to drive away this affliction. He also added that the story of the prophets in dealing with magic demonstrates the fact that he followed the means. First, he relied on Allah to reward him for his patience with such affliction. Second, when he was afraid that this would affect his worship, he resorted to cure and supplication; both attitudes are manifestations of utmost perfection (Fath Al-Bari-10/228).
Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) was informed about this matter by a heavenly revelation, so he learned about the magician and the place of the magic. For us, people, magic can be dealt with in two ways:
• First: Supplication. One under the effect of magic should invoke Allah while exerting an effort to find out the place of the magic to be able to stop its effect. This topic will be dealt with in detail later on.
• Second: Visions and Dreams. Some people who prayed and called upon Allah were able to see visions in their sleep that show them the place of their magic. Thus, they managed to remove the magic material and destroy it, thanking Allah for His countless Blessings.

2) Using the Jinn and Devil to Locate Magic: It is worth mentioning here that the therapist should be well versed in religious matters and have enough experience and insight to be able to tell whether the jinn who caused the affliction are telling the truth or not. The aim of asking the jinn or the devil is to test them and not to believe in what they say. One should not also go into any kind of discussions with the jinn or devil that are of no avail and of no lawful benefit.

3) Lawful Methods:
A- Bathing with water: Regarding the treatment of magic, Ibn Kathir mentioned in his Interpretation that Abu Gaafar Al-Razi related that Laith ibn Abi Salim said” The following verses cure from magic, Allah Willing. These Quranic verses should be read on a water bowl then poured on the head of the one under the effect of magic. These verses are:

– ”When they had had their throw, Moses said: ”What ye have brought is sorcery: God will surely make it of no effect: for God prospereth not the work of those who make mischief * And God by His words doth prove and establish His truth, however much the Sinners may hate it.”
– ”Thus truth was confirmed and all that they did was made of no effect * So the (great ones) were vanquished there and then, and were made to look small * But the sorcerers fell down prostrate in adoration * Saying: ”We believe in the Lord of the Worlds * The Lord of Moses and Aaron”.
-”Throw that which is in thy right hand: quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked. What they have faked is but a magician’s trick: and the magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes”.

After reading those verses, it is all right to drink some of the water and wash up with the rest which would remove the effect of magic, Allah Willing.

B- Ajwa dates of Madina: To protect oneself against magic, seven Ajwa dates of Madina should be eaten as mentioned in the sound Hadith. Amer bin Saad related that his father (May Peace be Upon Him) said: I heard ”Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) saying:’ If somebody takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day’ ”.
Al-Khatabi said that the Ajwa dates protect against magic because Allah’s prophet invoked for the dates of Madina not due to a specialty in the dates (Fath Al-Bari-10/239).
His Honor, Sheikhh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz (May Allah have Mercy on Him) said that it is a continuous treatment until the Day of Judgment, as mentioned in the prophetic saying. It is true also, he added, that using Ajwa dates include all that of Madina as narrated by Muslim that the prophet said so (Fath Al-Haq Al-Mubin fi Ilag Al-Saraa wa Al-Sihr wa Al-Ein -p.173).
His Honour, Sheikhh Sulayman bin Naser Al-Olwan said that whenever possible, one should take seven Ajwa dates for it is a legal reason and protection against magic. In the two Sahih and others, Amr son of Saad (May Allah be Pleased with them Both) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) said” If anyone takes seven Ajwa dates in the morning neither magic nor poison will hurt him that day”. Some scholars said that the dates should be those of the Ajwa dates, while others claim that Ajwa is used because it only refers to the predominant types; thus any dates are useful. However, I think that the Ajwa dates are more beneficial and effective though does not discard the effect of others.
In my opinion, a lot of benefit lies in the Ajwa dates in general and that of Madina in specific until the Day of Judgment; hence, such effect was not confined to the prophet’s time. Experience and experiment in this area confirms the fact that the Ajwa dates has a great effect on magic either before or after it, as stated by Sheikhh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz.

C- Using the Sidr: A group of scholars claim that Sidr is an effective cure of magic, Allah Willing.
Al-Hafez bin Hajar said in Al-Fath that Ibn Abtal stated in the books of Wahab bin Menabah to take seven leaves of a green Sidr, grind them with two rocks, add water to it, read the verse of Al-Korsi and Al-Qawakil, take three sips, then wash up with the rest. This will remove all of his afflictions, and is a cure for men who have sexual disorders (Fath Al-Bari -10/233).
Al-Qawakil are the Suras that starts with Qol, ‘Say’, in the Quran; they are Al-Jinn (The Jinn),Al-Kafirun(The Disbelievers ),Al-Ikhlas(Purity),Al-Falaq(The Dawn ),Al-Nas(Mankind).
Al-Lalkaii said that Mohamed ibn Othman related that Said bin Mohamed Al-Hanat stated: ”Ishaq ibn Abi Israel said ‘ I heard Sufyan says that Sulayman ibn Omaya (Sheikhh of Thaqif) ibn Masoud heard Aisha advise a woman to use Sidr and water to wash the traces of magic (Sharh Usul Itiqad Ahl Al-Sunah wa Al-Jamaa -7/1288).
His Honor, Sheikhh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz, (May Allah have Mercy on Him) said that the cure of magic after its affliction is beneficial, Allah Willing. A man who can not have sexual intercourse with his wife is advised to take seven green leaves of Sidr, grind it, put it in a water container enough for washing up. He should read the verse of (Al-Qursi) (Say: O ye that reject Faith), (Say: He is God, the One and Only), (Say: I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn), (Say: I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind). He should also read the verses of magic in Surah Al-Aaraf (The Heights) where Allah says:” We put it into Moses’ mind by inspiration: ”Throw (now) thy rod”: and behold! It swallows up straightway all the falsehoods which they fake! * Thus truth was confirmed and all that they did was made of no effect * So the (great ones) were vanquished there and then, and were made to look small”. The verses in Surah Unis where Allah says:” Said Pharaoh:” Bring me every sorcerer well versed.” * When the sorcerers came, Moses said to them” Throw ye what ye (wish) to throw!” * When they had had their throw, Moses said:” What ye have brought is sorcery: Allah will surely make it of no effect: for Allah prospereth not the work of those who make mischief. * ”And Allah by His Words doth prove and establish His Truth, however much the Sinners may hate it!”. And the verses in Surah Taha, in which Allah say: ”They said:” O Moses! Whether that thou throw (first) or that we be the first to throw?” * He said:” Nay, throw ye first!’ Then behold their ropes and their rods- so it seems to him on account of their magic- began to be in lively motion! *So Moses conceived in his mind a (sort of) fear. * We said:” Fear not! for thou hast indeed the upper hand: * Throw that which is in thy right hand: quickly will it swallow up that which they have faked. What they have faked is but a magician’s trick: and the magician thrives not, (no matter) where he goes.”
After reading the above verses, one need to take three sips from it, then wash up with the rest. This will remove the affliction, Allah Willing; if necessary, it could be repeated twice or more until one is cured (Majmu Fatawi Sheikhh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Baz).
Sheikhh Abdullah bin Abdelrahman Al-Jibrin stated ” I used Ruqya on relatives and friends who were not able to have intercourse with their wives following what Ibn Kathir said. I used Sidr leaves and recited the verses he mentioned and they were cured, Allah Willing.”
It is worth mentioning that using the water of Sidr in the stated manner has a great effect, and lots of therapists are aware of this fact. However, its benefit is not only confined to men who can not have intercourse with his wives, but also includes those afflicted with epilepsy, evil eye and magic in general (used for washing only).

D) Hijamah: Many scholars have mentioned that Hijamah is one of the effective means in curing magic affliction by extracting the substance of magic from the place in which it rests.
Ibn Al-Qayim said that Abu Obeid mentioned in his book (Gharib Al-Hadith) that Abulrahman related that Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) used Hijamah when he was affected with magic. Abu Obeid also added that those with little knowledge can not see the relation between Hijamah and magic or this ailment and cure. He thus stated that if Hippocrates or Ibn Sina were to find a text saying so, they would have readily accepted it. The prophet, whose knowledge can not be doubted, advised the use of Hijamah. He knew that the magic material in his body settles in his head, affecting one of this powers whereby he would imagine doing things which did not actually do; this is a typical behavior of a magician in reality. The material used in the magic resulted in a change in his mood, altering its natural disposition.
Ibn Al-Qayim also added regarding the treatment of magic that using Hijamah in the place afflicted with magic is the best cure if used in the ascribed manner (Zaad Al-Maad-4/125-126). Al-Qayim also maintained that Hijamah was used by the prophet (PGBUH) a means of treatment even before it was revealed to him that he was under the effect of magic (Al-Tib Al-Nabawi -p.118).

E) Vomiting: One of the effective methods in curing magic is throwing up the substance used in magic, especially if it rests in the stomach.
Ibn Al-Qayim said that vomiting should be in the place in which magic is found for it affects one’s nature and disturbs its mood. Thus, if it appears in one organ where it could be thrown up, then it is advisable to vomit this bad substance.
Hijamah can also be used to remove the magic substance if it reaches the head, but if it rests in the stomach, as it usually happens, then one get rid of it through the mouth by vomiting, or the anus by using laxatives such as the following:
1- CASTOR OIL: It is a strong laxative that affects man’s small intestine. The pancreas enzymes decompose the oil into the effective elements which alerts the intestine and facilitates its movement to achieve the desired effect.
2- DULCOLAX: It is a laxative that can be administered orally or through the anus which produces a normal and direct effect on the colon mucous. This leads to soft excrement which has no serious side effects and there are no known precautions against using it. It can be given to children, elder people, pregnant and nursing women but not during the first three months of pregnancy. A physician should be consulted before giving it to children under 4 years.
3-LACTULOSE: It is taken orally and should not be taken by patients who can not tolerate gluctose and fructose, and it should only be taken after meals.
4- THE SENNA: Traditional evidence and relations asserted that the Senna is a cure for all ailments if used in the proper manner, as almost all medications for the stomach worldwide include senna.
Dr. Mohamed Ali Al-Baz states that the senna is the best laxative ever as its effect starts in the colon where the bacteria there decompose it. Thus, it does not affect the stomach or the small intestine. Unlike other laxatives, the senna does not affect food absorption or cause constipation due to lazy bowl movement that often follows the use of other laxatives. The senna also does not cause intestine contractions, just a minor ache that quickly disappears. The laxative effect of senna starts as soon as it reaches the colon which takes 6-12 hours or more. The senna is not absorbed by the intestine and thus does not affect the fetus, nor is secreted in breast milk.