Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Symptoms of Spiritual Epilepsy caused by the Jinn

Before discussing the symptoms of evil spirits, it is necessary to provide important advice:

• Identifying the symptoms of spiritual ailments and the evil spirits affliction requires practical experienced one the part of the therapist. After an objective study of the case, he can closely diagnose the ailment which will enable him to prescribe the proper medication for the cure, Allah Willing. Not any one who claims to be a spiritual therapist can distinguish and judge the symptoms.

• His honor, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Adbelrahaman Al- Hebreen was asked about the diagnosis of the ailment being carried out by the person doing the incantation. He replied saying” It is known that the person doing the incantation sees many cases of evil afflictions and magic where he cures each condition with its suitable treatment. Through these many practices he becomes familiar with many psychological ailments through their symptoms that show during the experiments such as the change in the eyes or body color. Not all readers are aware of this knowledge as some people may claim that they have it which is often not true. Their judgments are based on guessing rather than certainty” Al-Fatawi Al- Thahabeya fi Al- Roqia Al-Shareya, pp.21-22.

Care should be taken, however, against the patient’s family and relatives who diagnose the cause of the ailment without any practical experience in this respect. They should show the case to a well-trained therapist who is capable of identify the ailment and the treatment, based on his scientific and practical experience, and prescribe the proper medication for the cure, Allah Willing.

• The presence of certain symptoms does not necessarily mean that the victim is suffering from evil afflictions.

• There are common symptoms between some physiological and psychological ailments and those of magic, the evil eye, and affliction. Thus, it is necessary to under go the necessary examinations to prove that such symptoms are not related to something physiological ( this is an extremely important point)

• The symptoms could be common ones due to the fact that the victim is afflicted with epilepsy, magic, and evil eye. Such affliction of evil spirits needs a well versed therapist who can identify the ailment and the proper treatment.

First: Symptoms during Incantation:
1. Faintness and nerve convulsions.
2. Strong screaming and crying.
3. Gazing, flickering of the right or left eye.
4. Inflation of the chest.
5. Abnormal redness of the eyes.
6. Abnormal strength and power.
7. Abnormal movement especially in the abdomen area.
8. Abnormal inflation in the abdomen.
9. Congestion of the chest.
10. Vomiting and throwing up.
11. Strong shaking and shivering.
12. Complete change in the voice, in some cases.
13. Making strange sounds.
14. Curving of the back while listening to the incantation.
It is not necessarily that all these symptoms occur at the same time in one patient.
Second: Symptoms during Awake ness, Without Hearing the Incantation:
1. Sadness and depression with breathing difficulties and suffocation.
2. Introversion and withdrawal with hatred to the most beloved ones.
3. Avoiding studying, work, home, and wife.
4. Keeping away from worship, especially prayer and listening or reciting the Quran.
5. Feeling comfort in dirty clothes and surroundings.
6. Absentmindedness, forget ness, easily angered and saying bad words.
7. Laughing and crying for no reason or for a trivial one.
8. Constant headaches with no medical cause.
9. Laziness and idleness, with no desire or motive for work.
10. Extreme sacredness and fear.
11. Suspicion, dubiety, and skepticism.
12. Constant hemorrhage in the case of women with no medical reason.
13. Chronic constipation without medical reasons (due to taking magic orally)
14. Different pains throughout the body for no medical cause.
15. Disbelieving and polytheist thoughts in religion and faith.
16. Committing of various sins.
17. Extreme hatred of therapists and refusal to visit their places.
18. Back and knee ache with black patches turning blue or green, especially in the arms and legs, with no medical causes.
19. Feeling of being followed by other people or that someone is lying beside him in bed.
20.Feeling that someone is pulling the bed cover, without seeing anyone.
21. Hearing voices or seeing ghosts quickly passing in front of him, or seeing lights and shadows.
22. Insomnia, worry, and tension. Anyone suffering from insomnia does not necessarily means that he is afflicted with evil spirits. Insomnia is often associated with the following symptoms:

a- Irregular sleep during the night.
b- Inability to sleep in the first place.
c- Inability to sleep the duration needed for the body to rest.

Third: Symptoms during Sleep:
1. Repeated nightmares, seeing black cats and dogs as well as continuous assaults
from some men and women.
2. Sleep walking.
3.Involuntary body movements while sleeping such as moving the arms and legs.
4. Noticeable fear and scariness.
5. Laughing and crying during sleep.
6. Seeing people during sleep and that they taking the patient to faraway places
such as the desert or prairie.
7. Sexual assault, in rare cases, especially in the case of the loving jinn.
8. Feeling something kneeling on one’s chest during sleep.