Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Definition of Epilepsy

Linguistically, epilepsy means to be thrown on the ground. Traditionally, it refers to an ailment that completely prevents the main organs from reacting.

Recently, however, epilepsy has come to mean muscle convulsions or unnatural emotions experienced by the patient as a result of the sudden increase in the activity of the brain nerves.

Epilepsy: It is a repeated disturbance in the electro-chemical activity of the brain, which appears in a complex form of symptoms such as emotional imbalance, motional convulsions, and disturbances in one’s psychology and the functions of the nervous system. The word epilepsy is of Greek origin which the people used in ancient Greece to refer to the evil spirits that afflict people with magic or insanity that throws them on the ground.

Epilepsy: It is a pathological condition which leads to a sudden failure or imbalance of the brain function due to repeated fits caused by unnatural and sudden increase in the electrochemical nerve cells of the brain. This small epileptic spot in the brain causes partial epilepsy but it can increase and affect a large part of the brain causing complete epilepsy. The effect of this nervous epileptic spot differs according to its space and severity. Epilepsy is a pathological condition like any other ailments which requires care and treatment. Epilepsy is a condition which afflicts the whole brain or part of it and causes these fits. However, having just one attack does not mean that this person suffers from epilepsy.