Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

The Evil Eye

It is an unseen, hidden effect that can not be perceived with the senses though its effects can be sensed. Though it is possible to detect the evil eye affliction, its manner of work and interactions can not be identified. It is like the spirit in the human body, electricity, modern radiations that we know that they exist because of their effects. There is an old saying ”like magnet in attracting metal” where the true entity of magnet is unknown. However, there have been a number of efforts by scholars who attempted to define it, ranging between long and short definitions with varying approaches. This is true of all matters, especially the hidden ones more that others.

The effect of the evil eye can be detected in the afflicted one where scholars mentioned that the envious soul adapts in an evil manner. Thus, with such characteristic, it affects the person who is envied. Scientific researches have proven the effect of the evil eye despite the claims that it can not be seen. For example, X-rays though not seen, penetrates into the body. Dr. Raof Ebeid states that specialists agree on the fact that there is a casting entity in every living being which can not be detected by our senses due to its high frequency which is higher than that of light. This entity connects between the nervous system and the cosmic energy store which leaves the human body through the brain, ear, and eye to the surroundings. Behind each of our five senses there is an electric energy that has a serious and deep effect in the form of hot radiations that penetrate opposite bodies like the sun rays. Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) set a tradition (Sunnah) when he asked the one affected by the eye to wash with the water of the one who afflicted the evil eye to stop the work of the radiations in the victim’s body and restore the body imbalance.