Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Physiological (Medical) Epilepsy

Al- Hafez states in Al-Fath that (Withholding one’s wind could be a cause of epilepsy for it partially prevents the main organs from their reaction; the heavy wind becomes withheld in the brain’s channels, or bad vapors being raised to the brain from some organs. This might be followed by organ convulsion so the person can not stand up so he falls down with foam coming out because of the high humidity).

Dr.Hosni Mouthen, the professor in Om Al- Qura University, states (Physiological epilepsy is due to epileptic spots in the brain which, in most case, resulted from a previous brain infection or a severe blow to the brain. These spots cause an extra electrical activity in the brain and can be detected by the electroencephalogram. Such kinds often have certain introductions such as headache, anxiety, blurring in the eyes and hissings in the ears. The epileptic attack follows a certain pattern where the victim screams and then falls on the ground with a complete body stiffness. His muscles start to cramp whence the victim bits his tongue or unconsciously urinates and he turns blue, finding difficulty to breath. Froth comes out of his mouth where the fit lasts for a few minutes or he could go into a comma for a certain period of time).