Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Kinds of Devilish Affliction

Devilish affliction often appears in the form of a short attack of dizziness, loss of sensing, and change in facial expressions. These fits can quickly pass over without even being noticed by the people around the afflicted person. However, it may lead to the convulsion of one of the body organs, such as the arm or leg, where one loses his sense but not his ability to control the afflicted organ. The whole body could be in a state of
spasm and the patient becomes unconsciousness, or he can walk unconsciously and babble unclear word or give distorted answers which could last for minutes or hours.
Thus, devilish afflictions are of three kings:
1- Complete affliction in which the devil afflicts the whole body.
2- Partial affliction where on organ is being afflicted, such as the arm or leg.
3- Distant affliction which only lasts for a few minutes and is often external.