Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Types and Signs of the Evil Eye

1- The Human Evil Eye.
2- The Jinni Evil Eye.

Ibn Al-Qayem (May Allah have Mercy on Him) said: ” There are two kinds of eyes: the human evil eye and the jinni evil eye. Om Salamah (May Allah be Pleased with Her) said that Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) saw a girl in her house whose face had a black spot so he said: ” She is under the effect of an evil eye, so treat her with Ruqya”(Al-Tib Al-Nabawi -164).

Regarding the Signs of the Evil Eye, the following issues need to be dealt with:

1) Issues related to the diagnosis of the evil eye are not a matter of metaphysics or the supernatural, the evil eye has signs and effects that show its affliction. Previously mentioned were a number of prophetic sayings that denote this concept, as indicated by the relation of Om Salama (May Allah be Pleased with Her) when Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) saw a girl in her house whose face had a black spot so he said: ” She’s under the effect of an evil eye, so treat her with Ruqya”. Also Asmaa (May Allah be Pleased with Her) told Allah’s Messenger (PGBUH) about Gaafar’s children (May Allah be Pleased with them All) that ”The evil eye goes quickly to them”. This clearly indicates that there are certain signs that can be seen, according to which the affliction of an evil eye is detected. Knowledgeable people dealt with this matter and clarified it, as previously mentioned.

2) There is a constant relation between the evil eye and all the other diseases related to human psyche such as epilepsy, magic etc. The symptoms of these ailments could be common as the evil spirits dominates man. Thus, the therapist needs to be extremely cautious and not pass hasty judgments regarding the afflicted case. He should clinically study all aspects of the case, in a psychological and objective manner to be able to properly diagnose the ailment and prescribe the necessary medication for the cure, Allah Willing.

3) The legitimate interest necessitates that the therapist makes sure of the psychological and physiological soundness of the patient, by advising him to take the necessary medical examinations to prove that he is physiologically sound.

4) The therapist has to be careful about a serious and important thing which is that a victim may demonstrate signs of an evil eye affliction while at the same time he suffers from a certain physiological ailment. Thus, the ailments could be the result of mere physiological causes, of an evil eye affliction. The therapist should only handle the incantation (Ruqya) only without interfering with the medical issues as it is beyond his knowledge. It can not be said that every cancer case is due to evil eye affliction or envy; the therapist should give advice to the victim and his relatives to make use of the available sensuous means that leads to his cure by going to hospitals and specialized physicians.
The effects of an evil eye may appear on the victim during incantation where he starts to feel better though the medical means he adopted were of no avail in relieving his psychological and physiological pains. Thus, the legal duty of the therapist is to provide advice and guidance to the victim, along with the medical follow up. In this case, we would be combining between the legitimate and the sensual means used in treatment. Following these means is good and of benefit to the patient, Allah Willing.

5) Regarding this topic, it is necessary to refer to an important point which not to be hasty in diagnosing the case, especially on the part of the public and the patient’s relatives. They should rather resort to knowledgeable and experienced people. As previously mentioned, the symptoms could be those of a physiological condition or affliction of an evil eye caused by evil spirits. Here lies the importance of being deliberate in the diagnosis and ask those who can provide advice and guidance.
Undoubtedly, the prophetic sayings have proven beyond any shadow of doubt that there are evil eye signs that show on the affected one, including feeling of heat, coldness, and fatigue. These symptoms could affect one’s general condition and his relation with others.


Bodily symptoms: These signs often appear before or during incantation (Ruqya) and are as follows:
1) Paleness of the face.
2) Congestion in the area of the chest.
3) Moving headache which increases during incantation.
4) Feeling of extreme heat.
5) Sweating, especially in the area of the back; the degree of sweating depends on the power of the afflicted evil eye.
6) Numbness in arms and legs.
7) Continuous yawning in an abnormal manner, especially during worship and reciting of the Quran.
8) Crying or tears dropping for no obvious reason.
9) Constant yawning and dropping of tears often occur with most victims as a result of incantation if one is affected with evil eye or envy but it is mostly common among afflicted women.
10) Involuntary movements and limbs shaking depending on the power of the evil eye.
11) Heart palpitating.
12) Tense muscles.
13) General weakness and inability to work.
14) Chilly limbs in general.
15) Bluish and greenish bruises without clear medical reasons after incantation and the use of water and oil.
16) Symptoms include constant or separate sighing depending on the power of the evil eye.

Social Symptoms: The evil eye affects the social aspect of the victim through his relations with others including:
A) Loss of one’s trade and wealth.
B) Hatred of one’s family and relatives, wife and husband.
C) Loss of one’s job.

Sheikhh Abdullah bin Abdulrahman Al-Jibrin (May Allah Protect Him) says under the title ” The signs shown by the one affected by an evil eye ”, that: ”The evil eye affliction has clear signs and symptoms. They appear if the person or the wealth has distinctive characteristics than others and which was suddenly changed by a disease, affliction, or a traffic accident, for instance. The victim of the evil eye may be afflicted in his sight if it is a strong one, or in his wealth which could be lost or destroyed. The evil eye can also affect his fancy car, huge palace, beautiful wife, his numerous children, and similar things. Suddenly he faces death, ruin, destruction, and loss. When he becomes ill and goes to hospitals physicians conduct tests and experiments, but fails to find anything wrong with him. He suffers from various pains without being able to tell the cause of it. Then after being treated with incantation (Ruqya) for the reason of evil eye affliction, he is cured from his ailment, Allah Willing. It is often said (He is affected with an evil eye which was gone after being treated by the people who use incantation)”.