Chapter Five (Spiritual Ailments )

Special Symptoms of One Under Magic Affliction

1. The victim of magic may experience all the symptoms previously mentioned under ”Symptoms of Epilepsy”.
2. Symptoms that are against nature such as a man’s hatred of his wife or vice versa, after previous emotions of love and care. Or one may hate working after being an active person in the past, or hating close relatives after feelings of love. Before that, it is necessary to be certain of other aspects related to the victim’s condition such as the social, family and economic status. These could be the reasons behind his ailment but wrongly attributed to envy or an evil eye.
3. Extreme emotions and disturbances especially while reading the incantation of magic.
4. Strong fits of cry and laughter.
5. Vomiting during incantation or after using the proper medication which is especially noticed in cases in which magic was given orally. The substances thrown up are of strange color or form which could be accompanied with blood, hair, notes or other similar strange things.
6. It is often noticed that the harm caused by magic affliction is more severe than that of evil spirits afflictions, such as envy or pleasure. This depends on the power of the jinn assigned by the magician to carry out the magic.